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What is the proper way to seat a maxillary anterior abutment or crown?

Last Updated: Jul 27, 2013 11:11PM EDT
  • Eliminate or control bleeding by using a combination of vasoconstrictors, pressure and time.
  • Clean the abutment post with an alcohol wipe and implant well with an appropriately sized cotton-tipped applicator.
  • Insert and align abutment/crown using an incisal orientation jig when necessary.
  • While digitally supporting the bridge of the nose, apply an initial seating tap using a custom seating jig on a threaded straight handle.
  • Confirm passive interproximal contacts with dental floss and, if necessary, remove the prosthesis by tapping on the handle of a grasping forceps to adjust any non-passive interproximal contact area.
  • After confirming passive interproximal contacts intermittently apply six additional definitive seating taps using a custom seating jig an a mallet.
  • Reconfirm contacts
  • Check occlusion especially during protrusive and retrusive excursions 
  • Using a custom seating jig on a threaded straight handle assures that the seating forces are being directed in the long axis of the implant.

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